Monday, 26 June 2017


My exploration of  Karnataka recipes is on.  Today I prepared the Unde Kadubu or known as Pundi Gatti. Normally, Tamilians and Malayalees  also prepare this rice dumplings either by grinding the rice (boiled rice)  or with the rice rava or idli rava.  The traditional pundi gatti is prepared by soaking and grinding the boiled rice.   However, this preparation   is a typical  Malnad style breakfast recipe and popular by name unde or unde kadubu or undlige. This is a plain version of unde kadubu prepared using rice and coconut.   We can also prepare Sweet and spicy version  according to your requirement which is known as Vella Kozhukkattai and Ulundu Kozhukkattai in Tamil version.  

This  is an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast  as the same is steamed and steamed foods are good for health.  It can be served with hot sambar or rasam or any kind of chutney.  I served it with an instant  rasam which is very  quick  and easy to prepare.  The recipe is given below.

Now let us look at the recipe of  Unde Kadubu:  

Sunday, 25 June 2017


Dahi phulki is somewhat similar to the dahi vada but here it is prepared with besan i.e. gram flour/chickpea flour. The taste is entirely different as the main ingredient varies in it.   This dish is prepared during Ramadan and Eid.  

Since Ramadan is on 26th June 2017 i.e.  tomorrow, I thought of sharing this recipe with you all. so that you can relish this dish.   These vadas can be served with some chuntey and sauce too.

Preparation is very easy and can be served with or without chilling.  Here I am presenting the original method, but variations  can be adopted according to ones choice. Mustard oil is used, I used the normal cooking oil.

Let us look at the recipe now:video

Sunday, 18 June 2017


Maddur vade is a savory fritter type snack from South India.  This snack derived its name from the town of Maddur which is in Mandya district of Karnataka.  Maddur lies between the cities of Bangalore and Mysore. This vada is sold on trains that traverse these two cities. 

It is made out of rice flour, semolina and maida flour which are mixed with sliced onion, curry leaves, grated coconut and asafoetida. The onion and curry leaves are fried in a little amount of oil and then mixed with water to make a soft dough.

A small amount of dough is taken and made into a patty and then deep fried in oil until it turns golden brown to make the vada.

I happened to taste this vada when I went to Mysore from Bangalore in train. The vada tasted awesome and can pair with coconut chutney or sambhar.

If someone visits you unexpectedly, this recipe is handy for you to serve it along with coffee/tea.

Let us look at the recipe now:

The vada is soft inside and  crispy outside.

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Poha or beaten rice adai is  very easy to make.  If you have time, then you can soak  the dal for an hour or you can soak it in hot water for 30 minutes. then soaking poha is easy as it does not take much time. 

You can make this adai bit spicy and should be served hot with chutney or sambhar.  It is an alternate method of the normal rice adai which we make at home.

An easy and tasty breakfast. You can also add veggies like grated carrot, beetroot etc. in it for making it more healthy.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

MYSORE BONDA(using maida)

I tasted this Mysore  Bonda two years back when I went for  my nephew's wedding at Bangalore.  We were  staying in an apartment and my daughter was very  hungry.Though we were new to that place, myself and my daughter ventured out and saw  a snack counter nearby.  

When asked what is there to eat, the shop keeper said mysore bonda and tea/coffee is available.  When we saw him serving the hot bonda  and coffee/tea, we decided to order  that only.

To my surprise, it was awesome as I never tasted the maida version of bonda as I was familiar  with only Ulundu bonda.

This is a Karnataka special snack item which is paired with coconut chutney. For a change, you can indulge in such items  as now a days most people avoid usage of maida. This items should be prepared bit spicy then only we can really enjoy the taste of it.

Now let us look at the recipe now:        

Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hot dosa with chutney and sambhar who will not like it?  there are varieties of dosas which are mouth watering.  Here is a simple and easy dosa with the mamra.  I have used the bhel kurmura to make this dosa.

The idea came from my husband as the packet of kurmura was there for sometime and it  became very soft.  Ofcourse, if you put in oven, or in hot kadai, you can make it crispy, but he said why don't you try making dosa with it.  I also said, nice idea, let me try it out so that I can get a new recipe for my blog.

It is very simple and easy to make this dosa and must have some spicy chutney or sambhar to serve along with it.  It takes around 4 to 5 minutes to make one dosa but that waiting period to cook is really worth it.

Now let us look at the recipe:

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Kadala paruppu or bengal gram chutney is my favourite.  Always, the child hood memory flashes when I make this chutney.  One of my classmates, periamma i.e.  aunty  used to make this chutney along with phulkas on those days way back in 70's when I was a student,  I am talking about.  She used to cook the food  in the kummatty i.e. coal based stove.  The taste of that chutney and phulkas she used to give to us during those days,  I still remember.  However, today, I served it along with the dosa.

I prefer this chutney rather than the normal coconut chutney we make,  I am sure, you will also like this.

Let us look at the recipe now:

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Pidi kozhukkattai or upma kozhukkatai is made out of rice rava.  I have already posted the upma kozhukkattai.  Other varieties are : idli-rava-bhagar-dal-kozhukkattai.html,  millet,  bread,  tinai, kappa, lapsi

Today, I made a twist to this dish by adding vegetables in it and served along with uppu mangai chutney.  

This is a tasty and healthy breakfast as it is cooked by steaming and not much oil is involved in it.
The rice rava can be made at home or you can use the idli rava.  While using the idli rava, we have to use less water than the normal rice rava.

Let us look at the recipe now:


Wednesday, 10 May 2017


When you are bored of eating the same stuff for a long time, a change is always better.  Here is a chutney powder with moongdal instead of the thogayal form.  

As I was having only a quarter cup  of moongdal left in the bottle, and want something spicy along with the dal rice, I tried this chutney powder and was liked by me colleagues too for lunch.

It is a simple preparation within a short span of time provided you have the items with you.  

Let us look at the recipe now:

Saturday, 6 May 2017


I started my blog on 5th May 2013 and completed 4 years.  I wanted to post this recipe yesterday, but could not do so.

thanks to all for the support and guidance during my four years journey of  without your support, it would not have been possible for me to continue  this journey. and this is my 988th post.

Chenai means yam, elephant foot, suran it is known as.  We  make mezhuku puratti with chenai, chenai varuval,  kaalan, cutlet etc with this vegetable.  My favourite poricha kuzhambu is with brinjal and karamani means red chowli.  My mother always makes this for me whenever I visit her after my marriage.  I love to eat this with plain rice and vadu mangai.  Though the combination for me is papad and thoran varieties.

This poricha kuzhambu is a liquid curry like sambhar but the masala ingredients is different from sambhar.  My mother's version I am presenting here.

Some people add little bit of black pepper but my mother skip this.  Sometimes, I add, sometimes do not.  Adding pepper will give you a bit different flavour and taste.  Choice is yours.